Serious Business (Cards)

I decided to get legit. Now I have business cards.

A Little “Pop” for Glacier Country

I was tasked with adding a little “something extra” to the secondary pages of the relaunch and redesign of the Glacier Country website. The site is divided up into 5 sections and then into sub-sections.  To set the sections and sub-sections apart I decided I needed content-related art on as many pages as possible.  This […]

25 Years of Student Docs

This year the Student Documentary Unit at the University of Montana Radio-Television Department and School of Journalism turned 25.  It is now at the point where it is older that many of the students actually taking the class! When I was in school, I saw the student doc unit as the prize for working really […]

Forgetful Dad Forgot

It had been too long, I wanted to get back into the After Effects game. I needed to find a project I had to finish,  Not, “I’ll finish eventually” or “I’ll get back to it later,” but something with a hard deadline.  Also, it would help if I learned something new, so this wasn’t just […]