Achievement Unlocked!

The United We Will Win website I built for The Historical Museum at Fort Missoula won an award! From the Missoulian (Recognition section): The Mountain-Plains Museums Association announced that the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula took top honors for online presence in the 2012 Publications Design Competition and Technology Competition Awards for the online exhibit, […]

Seeley Lake Mini-Folf

I go to Seeley Lake with my extended family to meet up with another extended family every summer.  I’ve been going my whole life, they’ve been going for more than 40 years.  That is dedication.  I spend the week reading on the beach, sitting by a campfire,  drinking a little whiskey and well that’s about […]

25 Years of Student Docs

This year the Student Documentary Unit at the University of Montana Radio-Television Department and School of Journalism turned 25.  It is now at the point where it is older that many of the students actually taking the class! When I was in school, I saw the student doc unit as the prize for working really […]

… and we’re back

It is time for some big changes around here. Welcome to 3.0.  I’m planning on using this as my new homebase for my portfolio and projects and I hope that keeping it in WordPress will help me keep it up to date.  Updating my old all-code-no-CMS site wasn’t hard technically, but it definitely was hard to […]