25 Years of Student Docs

This year the Student Documentary Unit at the University of Montana Radio-Television Department and School of Journalism turned 25.  It is now at the point where it is older that many of the students actually taking the class! When I was in school, I saw the student doc unit as the prize for working really really hard on news packages for 3 years.

When it was our turn, my class made “Beyond the Myths: Growing up in Montana” (aka Monteentana). It was a tough semester and I pretty much lived in the edit bay where I worked on the opening and segment-introducing graphics for our film as well as two segments “Jessika” and “Hana”.  Fun Fact: our program’s editing studio was in the basement of an 80-year-old house, 530 Eddy, that used to live on campus.  I wouldn’t have traded it for anything though, some of my best memories from college happened in that basement.

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Forgetful Dad Forgot

It had been too long, I wanted to get back into the After Effects game.

I needed to find a project I had to finish,  Not, “I’ll finish eventually” or “I’ll get back to it later,” but something with a hard deadline.  Also, it would help if I learned something new, so this wasn’t just a refresher exercise. Enter a two year anniversary of a weird story some friends and I share.
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… and we’re back

It is time for some big changes around here.

Welcome to BeccaSayre.com 3.0.  I’m planning on using this as my new homebase for my portfolio and projects and I hope that keeping it in WordPress will help me keep it up to date.  Updating my old all-code-no-CMS site wasn’t hard technically, but it definitely was hard to make myself actually take the time to do it.  Something about spending all day/week/year updating client sites makes it difficult to actually sit down and work for yourself!  Well, that and I am insanely picky about my own site’s “looks.”  I’ll be 2/3rds done and then I’ll see something or learn something and want to restart fresh incorporating my new knowledge.  Wordpress helps this compulsion of mine a bit as redoing a site in the future will be as easy as uploading a new theme . . . unless by then I’ve found something I like even better, in which case my brain probably already popped from excitement.

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