Achievement Unlocked!

The United We Will Win website I built for The Historical Museum at Fort Missoula won an award! From the Missoulian (Recognition section):

The Mountain-Plains Museums Association announced that the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula took top honors for online presence in the 2012 Publications Design Competition and Technology Competition Awards for the online exhibit, “United We Will Win.” This online exhibit was developed in conjunction with an in-house exhibit of the museum’s World War II propaganda poster collection. The online exhibit is available by a direct link on the museum’s website,

The amazing people at Fort Missoula, especially Curator of Collections, Nicole Webb and former Collections Assistant Cathy Jo Beecher were wonderful to work with on this project. I’m so happy to have been a part of bringing the wonderful WWII poster art to the internet!

Want to look at the award winning site? Check out United We Will Win.

It has been too long . . .

Community is even back on the air now! And last night’s was even a pitch-perfect Law & Order themed episode. It is like they were reading my (very extensive) dream journal.

I’m stopping in here very briefly to offer up this image, one of my favorites on all of the internet:

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Please Save Us from the Darkest Timeline

I have never been as upset about television as I was yesterday afternoon.

A news item blasted round the twitters and tumblrs notified me that my favorite show was going to be off the mid-season schedule and while this didn’t mean cancellation it also didn’t mean anything good.  Sure, I’ve had favorite shows get cancelled and subsequently had my heart harden, which made it harder to accept watching new shows everyone else loves until they’re a few years into their run or completely over just so I don’t risk getting really into something that’s just going to be callously ripped away from me and burned off at odd times in the middle of summer when nobody really watches tv anyway.

Despite all this, I fell head over heels for Community immediately.

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On Eating a Sugar Cookie.

Before eating.

Sugar cookie you are so pretty and seasonal, what with your pumpkin shape, orange frosting and fall-colored sprinkles.  I know I shouldn’t, but I am craving sweets. Plus, the thought of dunking cookies in coffee sounds spectacular.

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Serious Business (Cards)

I decided to get legit.

Now I have business cards.

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Hollywood Barry Forever

Have you seen A&E’s Storage Wars yet?   If you haven’t, quickly find a TV, turn it to A&E and and chances are you’ll find yourself in the third hour of a Storage Wars marathon. I am fairly positive A&E’s entire schedule is just alternating marathons of Storage Wars, Hoarders and Billy the Exterminator so if you see one of those other shows instead of Storage Wars just check back 2-6 hours later.

Storage Wars follows the story of auction bidders as they attempt to win the contents of unpaid storage units in hopes of turning the other people’s mysterious processions into cash.  Sometimes they find rare and expensive antiques, sometimes they find some dude’s old, run-down bachelor furniture and sometimes they even find straight-up cash, which just brings up a whole lot of questions about the people who filled the units initially.  This American Life chronicled the storage unit auction phenomenon in episode #399 Contents Unknown, if you want more background on the subject or simply can’t get enough Ira Glass.

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Seeley Lake Mini-Folf

I go to Seeley Lake with my extended family to meet up with another extended family every summer.  I’ve been going my whole life, they’ve been going for more than 40 years.  That is dedication.  I spend the week reading on the beach, sitting by a campfire,  drinking a little whiskey and well that’s about it. Paradise!

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A Little “Pop” for Glacier Country

I was tasked with adding a little “something extra” to the secondary pages of the relaunch and redesign of the Glacier Country website. The site is divided up into 5 sections and then into sub-sections.  To set the sections and sub-sections apart I decided I needed content-related art on as many pages as possible.  This would direct the eye to links for other pages that we believed the user would find helpful.

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I’ve gotten to the point this month that I just think I should turn my wallet over to the internet. It is showing me things I would like to purchase but cannot really afford with alarming frequency. This time it is the Gallery 1988 exhibit of artwork inspired by one of my all time favorite movies,  Wet Hot American Summer. Some of my favorites follow:

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Race to the Bottom: Drive Angry

Turns out I love terrible movies. I don’t know what wires got crossed in my brain to cause what has essentially become race to the bottom of the Rotten Tomatoes rankings, but that’s my situation. I see terrible movies as a challenge and if you tell me something is ridiculous or nonsensical, the chance I will watch it skyrockets. I usually watch at least one a week, with friends, as part of an experiment we call Spooky Movie Tuesday.

SPOILER ALERT. I’ve seen the movie and if you haven’t and don’t want to be know a few spoilers, don’t read this.
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