I Make Things for Screens.

I always want to be working on something.  From an early age I wanted to learn how to do absolutely anything I thought was cool. Sometimes this didn’t work out so well: after a year of guitar lessons in middle school I was better at philosophical arguments with my teacher than I was at learning chords.  Other times it did: a childhood obsession with movies and my dad’s video camera resulted years later in the completion of my first full-length documentary project, “Kegger.”

I eventually found my niche in digital storytelling, both video and web. Currently I live in Missoula, Montana where have been working in multimedia for 8 years. In that time I’ve been able to work on some really great projects with some incredibly talented people.

If you like to see qualifications in list form, my resume is here.


What I Do

Web Design

Web + Digital Design

I pride myself on making clean, intuitive sites. I’ve worked on sites for technology companies, small businesses, schools, non-profits, tourism, the list continues. I pride myself on my clean, SEO-ready code and my standards-compliant, cross-browser compatible and eye-catching design.  I am also available for the coding of existing Photoshop designs.

Sometimes you don’t need a full website, but instead you’re looking for on-brand digital content to further your web presence. To this end I create social media packages, advertising banners, ebooks, newsletters or event-specific landing pages to help you reach your web goals.



I love to tell a good story, short, long and anywhere in between! I have shot and edited several types of stories: news pieces, documentaries, creative projects, promotional pieces and special event work. I’ve produced and directed a full-length documentary feature as well as  several shorter media pieces.

In addition to video, I design and animate graphics for projects I work on in After Effects.  I can do complimentary pieces for video projects or motion graphic projects meant as standalone pieces.



Do you need a web expert to peek into the code on your site? If so, I am available for website consultations. I can review your current site and discuss with you better ways to achieve your online goals. Some of the questions I’ll ask when reviewing your site include:

  • Is your website easy to use and navigate?
  • Is it easy for you to edit and maintain your current site?
  • Is your website optimized for search engines?
  • Does your website offer you the functionality you need?
  • Are you engaging in social networks?

And more! I’ll analyze and report to you on what your website is doing well and what can be improved.


The Best Dog



  • Custom Web Design
  • WordPress Integration
  • Web Consulting & Identity
  • Social Media Design & Integration
  • Email Marketing Design
  • eBook and White Paper Design
  • Design to Code
  • HTML/CSS Development
  • Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics and Design

Let’s work together!

I’m always looking for new, fun and interesting projects and clients, so if you’d like to collaborate please drop me a line!

I am also available to send you many, many pictures of my dog.