I decided to get legit.

Now I have business cards.

I spent quite some time looking at examples compiled at places like Smashing Magazine and then just started doodling like crazy.  I was a little limited in terms of what I could afford to print, so no fancy cutout, foil-lining for this girl… yet.  Even so, I was able to find a place that with a reasonable price for my pretty, new, dual-sided card with pretty colors, a talking giraffe and a handy QR code from the future.

I finally got my cards back last week and I am pretty excited about the quality. I opted for the heavier stock which I think was a really good choice because I tested it thoroughly and my card flings across a room *really* well.  As an added bonus, when I ordered my cards I got a free sticky note pad with my info on it as well as a super-good deal on a pen with my name on it.  It is very silly but I am SO excited about having my name on a pen. When I write with it I feel like I am a doctor or maybe a bar.

If I see you out in the real world I will probably foist a dozen of them on you, because one thing about business cards is that you can’t really order a small amount of them.  I have hundreds of friendly giraffes waiting in a long box to say hello to you.

You can see larger versions of my card  in my portfolio.

  1. Love em! Everybody does that I have given them to! Amber’s boss wants to friend you because you always have all the answers to her questions! Watch for Nikki!


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