I was tasked with adding a little “something extra” to the secondary pages of the relaunch and redesign of the Glacier Country website. The site is divided up into 5 sections and then into sub-sections.  To set the sections and sub-sections apart I decided I needed content-related art on as many pages as possible.  This would direct the eye to links for other pages that we believed the user would find helpful.

I am not entirely sure how, but eventually these little “something extras” were called “Pop Tags.”  I couldn’t be more pleased with how nicely they fit within the overall design of the pages.  They remain true to the theme, color and font-scheming of the site while standing out on their own.

The pop tags were a very fun diversion from the more intense coding I had been doing on the site.  I drew them with a tablet and by hand over the course of a few weeks, whenever I had time.  Finding images and themes to represent the various sections while working within the size-limits of the page was an enjoyable exercise.  The pop tags really taught me how much a little bit of extra, content-specific flair can add to a site and I am really excited to add elements like the pop-tags to sites I work on in the future.

Here’s a small sampling of them, but you can see all the Pop Tags on the Glacier Country website and my portfolio.



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