It had been too long, I wanted to get back into the After Effects game.

I needed to find a project I had to finish,  Not, “I’ll finish eventually” or “I’ll get back to it later,” but something with a hard deadline.  Also, it would help if I learned something new, so this wasn’t just a refresher exercise. Enter a two year anniversary of a weird story some friends and I share.


Explaining the whole story probably wouldn’t be very funny.  Trust me, there are people around me who know this to be too true.  The facts are simple: it was at Sasquatch fest, it was very sunny, a father and son were camped next to us, and well, the rest is below.

So when you hear myself or any of my friends randomly chiding some phantom Dad for forgetting our precious burritos, well you’ll kinda get it. . . maybe.

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